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Chain Link fence calculator

Online calculator of chain link fences helps to calculate the number of materials and the cost of the job for the installation of galvanized, black, and green fences and gates quite accurately. The construction calculator will be useful both for a construction specialist and for a fence customer without experience to understand what parts a new fence is made of. And you can compare with other companies DIY, like Lowe's, Home Depot, and American fence. You can instantly calculate the cost of installing a chain-link fence, download an estimate, discuss conditions with neighbors, send us to agree on the installation date, thereby saving money, time and nerves.

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Fill in Name, Phone Number and Address

Fill in the red fields, press the button, wait 10-30 seconds, the picture should be loaded, if nothing happened, press it again, save it to the devices for iPhone or iPad.

Additional information for calculating the estimate of chain link fences 4 and 6 feet in height

Online calculator of chain link fences helps to calculate the cost estimate for the installation of multiple colors fences of different heights: 4 and 6 feet. The calculation turns out to be very close to the final result, in most cases the accuracy depends on the correctness of the entered data: the length of the fence and the number of sides. The chain-link fence calculator is easy to use and will help you calculate the cost of building materials and the cost of a job, following these instructions.

Choose your fence design - by clicking on the buttons, browse the fence you like, you can choose materials for the fence, galvanized, black, and green colors, the picture will reflect your choice.

Note the height of the chain-link fence - currently, the most popular heights are 4 and 6 feet, for calculation, default is 6 feet.

Calculation of the number of sides of the fence - select the number of sides, the same as in the diagram of 5 sides. If you want to know the cost of installing only the gate, leave the value "0".

Enter the length of the fence in feet - the total length of the fence in feet is one of the main factors affecting the cost of your fence, try to measure it as accurately as possible.

Consider gates - if you need to calculate single or double gates click "add gates", select the number of single and or double gates.

Demolition and hauling old fence and delivery - check the box by pressing if you want to order the demolition old fence or hauling old fence or order delivery of materials.

Calculate - after clicking on the "Calculate" button, the calculation of your fence will appear. If you have not entered all the details, you will be asked to enter The number of sides and Length or Gate.

Download estimate - you can download the calculated estimate as a picture. But for this you need to fill in the exact and complete data: Name, Phone Number and exact Address with a zip code. After pressing the button, wait 10 seconds, the picture should load. If nothing happens, try to click the "DOWNLOAD ESTIMATE" button again, for iPhone and iPad, you need to additionally save the picture to the device.