Metal fences are installed as a fence to protect the house from intruders. These robust and durable structures are capable of reliably performing a protective function.

The choice of a metal fence depends on the owners' preferences for design, decoration, quality, durability, as well as their financial capabilities.

Among the main advantages of iron fences are:

  • structures are highly resistant to weathering;
  • wear resistance iron fences allows you to count on the long service life;
  • lack of special requirements for care;
  • choice of different colors;
  • attractive appearance;

Metal fences are made from different materials. Sectional fences are in high demand among owners of private estates and household plots.

The material is guaranteed for 30 years. The ornament of the fence and design, as well as their color, the owner of the site chooses independently. The transparency of the fence depends on the density of the metal.

Welding metal structures are characterized by increased wear resistance, durability, and high cost. For the fence, you can choose any pattern, color, the shape of the sections. The posts can be either metal or made of bricks.

Methods for installing metal fences

Methods for installing iron fences are different. To begin with, install the posts with concrete, the depth under the ground should be at least 2.5 feet. The choice of fastening depends on the type of fence. The horizontal method involves fastening ready-made metal sections to the posts with special brackets.

The installation of structures in sections involves fastening the finished fence structures to the support posts. Fixation can be carried out by bolting, self-tapping screws, or welding.