The easiest way to isolate yourself from all wooden structures is to set up a plank structure.

Several beams are launched vertically, several horizontally, nails serve as fasteners, and that's it, no one will enter without warning. Such a structure will protect from prying eyes, save crops and tasty fruits and berries from pests.

By type, wooden fences are:

  • Solid
  • Open
  • Semi-open

It all depends on the needs of the owners of the house and what exactly will be fenced off.

In addition, pine and cedar are the most affordable and cost-effective building materials, everyone can freely purchase the required amount and equip their site.

A picket fence is also an original solution, it can be purchased ready-made from the manufacturer, or you can do it yourself.

Lattice, wattle, ranch, classic allows air to pass through, obstructs the view, and creates a cozy setting.

Palisade, picket fence, checkerboard, completely neutralizes curious spectators, protects from dust and strong winds.

How long this or that fence will stand depends on the care of it, on the climatic conditions, and the characteristics of the soil.

Material specificity pine and cedar

As mentioned earlier, this traditional building material has been successfully used for a long time by people from generation to generation. An opportunity to prove yourself as a master and craftsman in carpentry.

Practical use can be renewed, reissued at any time. By all indicators, it does not harm human health, but somewhere even improves it. Excellent sound neutralizer.

These are the positive aspects that a wooden fence gives its owners.

So with a fence made of wood, there will not be many problems in installation.

The first is to decide on the construction material:

  • Pine - resists temperature extremes;
  • Larch - durable, solid, reliable, not afraid of water;
  • Cedar, oak, aspen, ash, alder, silk are quite strong, persistent, and hardy.

The birch segment cracks quickly and will not last long, so it’s better not to experiment.

We chose the type of wood, it's time to move on to the main types, carefully study and select following the surrounding nature.

Prepare a fully worked out plan, taking into account all errors and complications. Relying on it, acquire the required amount of material.

Carry out all measurements, following a previously prepared plan. After the measurements, proceed to the preparatory work.

Prepare tools, process the wood pine or cedar according to requirements, and install very carefully, checking all fasteners, couplings, and quality of work.